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We at It’s A Piece of Cake are proudly celebrating our 8th Birthday.

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Smart Meetings
The intelligent way to plan in the western region
Smart Meetings Magazine calls It's A Piece Of Cake "the kid-smart event-planning company."

Birthday Party A La Card
KUDOS to Steven Cichon for this clever design! We loveeee it!

The eco friendly picnic set comes with wooden cutlery and a tray holds an untreated cardboard plate. A cup holder and a place to deposit fork and knife are also there, to keep a hand free to refill the plate. Due to these qualities the picnic set became a big hit for children´s birthday parties. Convenient, recycable, easy to dispose off.

How to Throw a Green Party
Eco-friendly food and drinks, entertaining tips, decorating advice, and fun activities By Danny Seo. 

E-vites are the greenest and most convenient way to go, but not the most personal. Instead, design a colorful invitation—scanning a handmade invite is the easiest—and send it out as a JPEG image with a personalized e-mail note; follow up with a phone call. If it's a formal occasion, think postconsumer recycled paper for the invitations: It's paper made from old paper, so you're helping to complete the recycling loop.

Look for plates & utensils made from bamboo, a fast-growing renewable and biodegradable resource.

When planning your menu, also keep in mind that a lot of green-minded folks are committed to a vegetarian diet (for various moral and ecological reasons, including the idea that "eating low on the food chain" has a smaller impact on the environment). Offer at least one dish that's completely free of animal ingredients.
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It's Easy Being Green!
Teach your child/ren about the environment and conservation practices while turning your home into an environmentally sound "green house"!

Build a Birdhouse for Your Backyard

A simple birdhouse can be constructed out of an old milk carton. After washing the carton out, cut a two-inch hole on one side, stick a short pencil stub under the hole for a perch, and seal the top with waterproof tape.

Use a piece of wire or cord to hang the birdhouse on a tree. Not only are you helping wildlife, but you are also reusing materials that otherwise would have gone into the garbage. 
Please Note: In San Francisco, the milk cartons go in the green cart to aid in the composting they can be "recycled".
Brought to us by National PTA®

Take Part in Community "Green" Activities 
Take part in community recycling programs or volunteer a few hours of family time to help clean up a local park or beach. Work with your PTA to develop outdoor learning centers in your community or on school grounds. You can create a discovery trail, a butterfly garden, a sundial, or a weather station.

Stay Involved and Learn More
For more info about campaigns, composting, carpooling, and all kinds of cool stuff. Visit:

Global Green USA:
Clean City Coalition:
Tree Hugger:
Earth Day Network:
Green Zebra :

Saving Earth Begins at Home
An interesting story in the New York Times  about "Eco Moms." Definitely check it out.

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Spring-Summer 2008

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