Greetings and Welcome to our Spring-Summer Issue,

We at It’s A Piece of Cake are proudly celebrating our 9th Birthday and Earth Day 2009. 

We THANK EARTH & ALL OF YOU for making us the big 9!

Please encourage all your friends and family to value and appreciate the Earth by joining in your Earth Day celebrations!

As always, sweetest & greenest spring-summer wishes from us to YOU!

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Red Tricycle calls Simla Akyol "Little Miss Manners."

One Gift. One Cause. ECHOage 

Make your child's next birthday party more meaningful.

Instead of bringing wrapped and packaged presents, guests simply rsvp and make secure online contributions that are pooled for the purchase of ONE memorable gift and to support ONE meaningful cause.

Simply select an eco-friendly invitation, choose a cause and invite your friends.

No Driving. No Shopping. No Wrapping. 

A gift and a cause can make your child's birthday more meaningful at

Eco-Chic Party Decor

Use reusable banners that are beautiful during the party and great to put up in your kids rooms afterwards. 

If you are going to use balloons, use only the latex balloons which will biodegrade and tie them with hemp strings. If you'd prefer to use an alternative, consider  recyclable paper or fabric lanterns.

Try using live plants instead of cut flowers for center pieces. The plants can double  as parting gifts for guests. 

For tables, if you do not want to use reusable linens, consider using fabric or paper that can be written on by guests.  It can then be given to the birthday child as a keepsake.

Make recycling fun from the start and it will never become a chore! 

Basing some activities around the theme of recycling will continue to drive the message home to your kids even when then are having fun!

Encourage art products with a recycling theme, using materials that would have otherwise be thrown away, bottle tops, cereal boxes, toilet rolls tubes and sweet wrappers can all be utilized in arts and crafts projects.

Make recycling posters and progress charts to record just how much stuff you are managing to recycle each month. Encourage younger children to recycle old clothes by implementing a dressing up box full of cast-offs they are free to customize.

Spring-Summer 2009

Simla Akyol is the founder of It's a Piece of Cake, Children's Events and Entertainment service in San Francisco. It's a Piece of Cake specializes in custom-designed children’s parties and hosts educational workshops for kids and parents.

Simla Akyol and It's a Piece of Cake has been featured in numerous periodicals such as Real Simple magazine, Child magazine, Marin At Home, Noe Valley Voice, Oakland Tribune,  and  recipient of the Bay Area Parents' Magazine’s “BEST OF THE BEST” award for 2005 and 2006.

You can contact Simla via e-mail at or phone (415) 987-1946.


Meet the World's Friendliest Tennis Ball

Play along with Tim the tennis ball on his fun-filled day through the beautiful City by the Bay in “Tim takes a Tumble,” the fantastic new children’s book by Anmarie Mabbutt.


Baby Loves Disco
Earth Day Celebration
Love Your Mama!

Where: Ruby Skye
420 Mason Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

Saturday, May 09, 2009  
2:00-5:00 PM

Ticket Price:
$15 in advance
$18 at the door, on the day of event

click here


Green Party Goods
Here are some of my favorite green party goods offered by GreenPartyGoods:


Virtual Place Settings
Our simple interactive game is a great teaching tool for kids to set the table properly.


Be sure to visit our website at

Send your questions and creative party ideas to

Taking the extra time to plan an eco-party will make your children’s birthday parties much more healthy, less toxic and better for the planet.  Children look to adults for guidance - we can teach them about caring for the earth in a fun, solutions-based manner by incorporating green practices into all our celebrations.

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