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Our newsletter is designed to keep you informed on the latest trends, quick tips and tricks to make any party you give a “piece of cake.” Our great new services include educational workshops and the latest news on what’s happening in our world. Our newsletter’s ultimate goal is to share the very best ideas with you because we know that’s what you want for your children – the very best!

We hope you will enjoy this issue and watch for our short and informative future issues. As always, we welcome your feedback and questions.

It’s a Piece of Cake is proud to receive Bay Area Parent Magazine's “Best of the Best” Award voted by 300 Bay Area families for Best Children’s Entertainment for 2005. Special thanks to all of the families who voted for us, we know you are out there, we love you as much as you love us!

The Peter Pan Birthday Club help kids learn to give.
The Peter Pan Birthday Club, a project of the national Peter Pan Children’s Fund, encourages children across the United States to celebrate their birthdays by helping other kids learn about philanthropy and raising donations for local children’s hospitals. To learn more go to

Goody Bags – Less is more.
Stop wasting money on “goody bags”. We all know the contents go into the junk box or the garbage can the next day, so instead consider giving just one gift. We suggest creative props and costumes for role-playing activities, art materials, books and music as an alternative.

Piñatas and Tears – Save the tears.
Piñatas are intended to be fun – not to encourage greed, grabbing and crying over who got more candy than the others. If you absolutely must have candy why not make individual candy bags for each child instead of filling the piñata with loose candy. We suggest avoiding the sugar highs and lows altogether. Instead, fill the piñata with one bouncing ball or an inflatable toy for each child.

Parties are a great chance to share a memorable time with your child. Keep in mind that it won’t be too long before your child thinks s/he is too old for parties. Enjoy every second of it while you can! Prepare early and avoid last-minute panic and always remember it is never too early to book your desired venue or the entertainer.

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Summer 2005

Simla Akyol is the founder of It's a Piece of Cake, Children's Events and Entertainment service in San Francisco. Akyol trained as an artist and entertainer in London and New York. She has hosted children's events and worked with children in Europe and the USA for over ten years. It's a Piece of Cake specializes in custom-designed birthday parties and hosts educational workshops for kids and parents. You can contact Simla via e-mail at or phone (415) 987-1946.

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