Greetings and Welcome to our “Back-to-School” issue,

The key to making a smooth transition from summertime fun to the hustle and bustle of back-to-school time is to be prepared. For this issue we gathered some tips and tricks to help ensure a healthy, safe and stress-free school year for you and your family.

We hope you will enjoy and benefit from this issue and watch for our short and informative future issues. As always, we welcome your feedback and questions.

Our Repord Card

For the second year in a row, It’s a Piece of Cake is proud to receive Bay Area Parent Magazine's “Best of the Best” Award voted by Bay Area families for Best Children’s Entertainment for 2006. Special thanks to all of the families who voted for us! We understand you want the best for your children. We do too!

Walk to School Events

Each October, millions of children, parents, teachers and community leaders across the globe walk to school to celebrate International Walk to School Day and, since 2003, International Walk to School Week. In 2006, the event will be expanded to cover the entire month. It is an energizing event, reminding parents and children alike to focus on the importance of physical activity, safety and air quality.
To learn more or register go to

Manners Make a Difference in the Classroom

Although character education is a hot topic in schools across the nation, education in manners generally receives limited attention. With increasing demands on teaching time, etiquette is rarely a priority. But it might be a mistake to overlook the adage that actions speak louder than words. Children can never learn to respect themselves unless they learn respect for others beginning with adults.

Inform children of behavioral expectations ahead of time.
Classroom friendships, the importance of silence when the teacher is giving a lesson, the friendly way for borrowing and sharing books, picking up toys after playtime, and many other little things that make time spent at school productive.

School Lunch Will Never Be Boring Again!

Plan a menu with your kids.

It's a good idea to plan a weekly school menu ahead of time. This will help you avoid the early morning panic that leads to poor last minute lunch choices. Letting the kids in on the planning process will also help guarantee that they get lunches that they like.

Include a little love or encouragement.
Hiding a sweet note in your child's lunchbox is a great way to remind them that you love them.

Need a Simple and Fun Project For Those Edgy, Last Few Days of Summer Vacation?

Have your child assemble a “Back-to-School Time Capsule.” By adding to it each year, s/he can create a book of memories and milestones. Imagine a fifth grader looking back on what s/he liked and disliked in the summer before second grade; it would give children a great feeling of personal growth – and no doubt a good laugh!

Transform a notebook into a time capsule by decorating pages so that they record both what the summer was like as well as hopes for and thoughts about the coming school year. For example, your child might include a photo from summer camp and also write about the sports team s/he'll play on at school this year.

Here is a starter list of sample ideas:

1) The best thing that happened this summer …
2) Best movie I saw this summer…
3) Invitation from a birthday party I attended this summer…
4) School subject I love most…
5) What I'm proudest of…

Summer 2006

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Virtual Place Settings
Our simple interactive game is a great teaching tool for kids to set the table properly.

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